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Popular Printouts

Clear & SIMPLE Systems

Clear & SIMPLE Systems

The ART of Letting Go by Marla Dee, Clear & SIMPLE

The ART of Letting Go


TOP TIPS for the Year

Clear & SIMPLE, iRAFT System Card

iRAFT System Card

Clear & SIMPLE, iRAFT Paper Flow Chart

iRAFT Paper Flow Chart

Clear & SIMPLE, iRAFT System Guidelines

iRAFT System Guidelines

Clear & SIMPLE Record Retention Guidelines

Record Retention Guidelines

Clear & SIMPLE Clear Project Folder Handout

Clear Project Folder Handout

The Clear & SIMPLE Utlimate Office List

Ultimate Office List

Clear & SIMPLE, My Master Map 2015

My Master Map 2015


Favorite Products

Clear & SIMPLE Product Line

Clear & SIMPLE Product Line

Full line of digital products written in the C&S Systems Language, that teach the skill.

Freedom Filer

The Ultimate Filing System. Tired of cleaning out files? Here is the best, maintenance-free, all-encompassing Home filing system.

Clear Project Folders

This is Clear & SIMPLE’s favorite paper container and tool. Use it to hold incoming papers, replace manila folders, keep children’s papers contained in backpacks, etc.
Clear & SIMPLE, TCS Everything Organizer

Container Store Everything Organizer

Make your junk drawers organized and happy once and for all with this 23-compartment, 2-level organizer.
Clear & SIMPLE, Container Store Desktop File

Container Store Acrylic Desktop File

Our favorite desktop action file box comes from The Container Store. It's functional and beautiful with a pop of color.
The Container Store

The Container Store

"The original storage and organization store! " Our favorite online resource for tons of different types of items at affordable prices.
Clear & SIMPLE, arc by Staples

arc from Staples

Organize all your notes, tasks and to-do lists with M by Staples® Arc customizable notebook system. Its ultra-flexible design allows you to add, remove and rearrange your favorite pages and accessories again and again.
Clear & SIMPLE, Circa System

Circa by Levenger

We LOVE and use Circa regularly! The disc system replaces the standard spiral notebook. With this fabulous systems paper can be removed, rearranged or transferred to other notebooks or planners easily.
Clear & SIMPLE, TimeTimer

Time Timer

Do you want Tangible Time Management? Check out one of our very favorite tools, the Time Timer. Available in desk clock, wall clock, watch, computer desktop or mobile app!


Top Experts

Marla Dee, Clear & SIMPLE

Marla Dee, Clear & SIMPLE

Marla’s gift is to inspire and empower her audience by teaching them step-by-step how to get and stay organized. She is a speaker, trainer, author, mentor and creator of The Clear & SIMPLE Way.
Clear & SIMPLE, Ann Webb, Ideal Life Vision

Ann Webb, Ideal Life Vision

Ann has created the most powerful life vision system around. Among other things you'll get clear about your "Why" and your goals to create results that will actually stick.
Clear & SIMPLE, Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston, Space Clearing

Karen Kingston is a true master of clutter clearing the physical world and the energy planes. She will inspire you to let go of the stuff, the patterns and the beliefs that are keeping you stuck. This frees you to be your very best. Check out her website for VIRTUAL Workshops for people around the world and for her products that can help you now!
Clear & SIMPLE, Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker is a family man and minimalist. Check out his amazing book "Simplify. 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life."
Clear & SIMPLE, Courtney Carver

Courtney Carver

Courtney Carver created Project 333, the Capsule Wardrobe to help people clear closet clutter. "Overwhelmed with closet chaos? Does the idea of getting dressed in the morning with ease sound appealing? How about saving time, money and mental energy?"
Clear & SIMPLE, The Minimalists

The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff for 4 million readers. They live in Missoula, Montana.
Clear & SIMPLE, Donna Smallin-Kuper

Donna Smallin-Kuper

Donna is a deeply giving, smart woman who brings together the world of writer and organizer. Through the years she has gathered the best ideas and experts and offers them in many ways. She really cares about helping people create a home, office and day that support the life they want. Check out her many offerings and ways to support you.
Lorie Marrero, Clutter Diet

Lorie Marrero, Clutter Diet

Lorie has been organizing professionally since 2000, has two kids and a very full life! Her unique online system allows you to do most of the work clearing & organizing but also get expert support and advice. You can try it out for free! Marla has known Lorie for years and raves about her program.
Clear & SIMPLE, Judith Kolberg

Judith Kolberg

Judith founded FileHeads, a professional organizing company, in 1989 and has been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 1990. She formed the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. A recipient of the NAPO's prestigious Founders' Award in 1996. Kolberg is an experienced consultant, sought-after public speaker, and an accomplished writer on organization/disorganization.
Clear & SIMPLE, Sylvia Nibley, Inquiry Cards

Sylvia Nibley, Inquiry Cards

“I'm passionate about supporting people in experiencing new levels of thriving, awakening & joy. I use many tools to facilitate deep, lasting change." Sylvia is one of our favorites and we love her new creation The Inquiry Deck - the purpose of which is to practice looking Inside ourselves for the questions and answers.
Clear & SIMPLE, Michael Linenberger

Michael Linenberger

The One-Minute-To-Do List SYSTEM by Michael is our favorite “get it done” system. Simply put - It works for all ages, personalities and times of life. You can download his FREE Ebook to get everything you need!
Mark Leblanc, Small Business Success

Mark Leblanc, Small Business Success

Mark is the MASTER of small business marketing, strategy and growth. His book “Growing Your Business” and his training events are why Clear & SIMPLE is successful today. He has been Marla’s coach and guide for many years. We highly recommend his speaking and services!


The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is a group of approximately 4,000 professional organizers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives. Our vision is to have the world recognize the value of organizing and turn to NAPO as the leading organizing authority. Our mission is to develop, lead, and promote professional organizers and the organizing industry.


Mission is to provide education, research and strategies to benefit people challenged by chronic disorganization. Their Vision is to be the premier source for professionals, for those who struggle and for those who wish to learn more.

Certified Shred

Certified Shred is a family owned business that utilizes the latest technology in the industry to quickly and effectively destroy your confidential records. They will deliver a locked container to your space for free and leave it while you fill it up. Then they will pick it up and either shred the contents on the spot or take it to their secure facility.

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