We will restore order to your space, clarity to your vision and freedom to your life.

Clear & SIMPLE, founded in 1999 by Marla Dee, has grown from a Utah based “one woman business” to an International messenger of hope. Clear & SIMPLE™ is known for transforming the stressful and overwhelming world of organizing to an experience that is “Fun, Simple, and Freeing!” C&S offers a full array of services including speaking, training, consultation, hands on organizing help, products and workshops. Along with local services in the Salt Lake City area, you can get help from our virtual services or a Clear and SIMPLE™ Certified Organizer nationwide. Lastly, Marla Dee’s audio Book, Get Organized the Clear & SIMPLE Way has changed people’s lives, homes and businesses around the globe.


At Clear & SIMPLE we believe that organizing is a skill that only 10% of the population is born with and most people are never taught. Consequently, you will find us out in the community every month sharing and teaching the Clear & SIMPLE™ Systems of SEE IT • MAP IT • DO IT and S.T.A.C.K.S. These systems will transform your experience of organizing from stressful and overwhelming to fun, simple and freeing. They also identify where to start, what to do and how to keep it up.

Clear & SIMPLE™ also offers a fantastic array of products that will make getting your home, your office, your kids, your move, or your vital documents organized a great experience.


C&S is known for impeccable organizing services. As Clear & SIMPLE Certified™ Organizers, our team will come into your home or office, access your needs, and create a personalized plan of action to get the job done. We offer a variety of organizing packages.

  • Individual Consultation
  • Workplace Consultation
  • Hands On Help
  • Virtual Consultation
  • Professional Organizer Training
  • Organization Seminars and Workshops


In January of 2003, C&S offered the first ever, nationwide, 5 Day Live Professional Organizer Training Program. This training was designed to meet the needs of a growing market of professional organizers that were seeking education and guidance in this new industry. This training is known nationwide for as a powerful program for jumpstarting a new organizing business, Turning Passion into Profits.

At Clear and Simple, we understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by paper, communications, expectations, tasks and all that stuff. We want to help you clear the path and create systems to support your present needs.

— Marla Dee

The Clear & SIMPLE Way to clear the clutter and get organized at last!
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